System Changes

Some small changes were needed to make Star Wars Saga Edition less Star Wars and more Mass Effect. Thus, the following changes were implemented:


  • The Jedi class does not exist.
  • Reduce all Hit Die by one die. D10 becomes d8, d8 becomes d6 and d6 becomes d4. Apply new 1st level HP accordingly.
  • Nobles do not gain the Linguist feat at level 1, but gain a free bonus feat from their bonus feat list.
  • Scouts gain Use Computer as a class skill. Soldiers lose Use Computer as a class skill.
  • The Jedi Knight, Jedi Master, Imperial Knight, Sith Apprentice and Sith Master prestige classes do not exist.
  • The Use the Force skill does not exist. It is replaced by Use Biotics, but the two do not share all the same uses. Use Biotics is used for prerequisites for any feats, classes or other features in place of Use the Force.


System Changes

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